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Our agency “Azami tours” is a travel agency based in Fez, Morocco, which offers customized experiences to curious travelers.

We plan for our customers’ trips all over Morocco, and try our best to make them as special as we can. That is why we work only with small groups of travelers. In addition to the tours that you can view on our site, we can offer you more customized ones.

Our company provides a team of touristic guides, drivers, different accommodations : riad, kasbah, bivouac, homestay, as well as many other personalized proposals.

After more than 20 years of experience as a travel agency, our mission is to help you plan your vacations so that they are successful. And we are passionate about doing that. We believe that travel opens your mind, is a special adventure, makes you go through a path full of new places, and combines pleasure with usefulness. Leaving home, leaving your habits and setting out to discovery, as well as to living new stories, is what Azami Tours offers you.

Our agency